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PR in 2018: The Best Campaigns this year!

The power of a well-thought out PR campaign can have a drastic effect on businesses and consumers. Whether we care to believe it or not, us humans are heavily impacted by the judgement and actions of those around us. Let's take a look at three of the best PR campaigns we’ve seen so far in 2018:

1. Kanye West’s Twitter Re-launch

Since his uprising as one of the world’s greatest rappers, Kanye West has shown how far his messages can take him. Kanye is arguably one of the most unpredictable pop culture icons of our time. That being said, he terrifies most day-to-day public relations professionals. It takes a special (and incredibly intelligent) person to take on such a “liability”. After a full year of silence on Twitter, Ye broke records by his overwhelming amount of “comeback” tweets. This led fans and followers alike to wonder, “but why?” There had to have been something coming. Sure enough, an album release was in the works. If you think about it, businesses and PR agencies around the country spend thousands of dollars every year campaigning. Kanye West merely just made a comeback by reappearing on Twitter and people reacted as if time stopped for moment.

2. Burger King “Whopper Neutrality”

We’ve seen a common thread amongst marketing and PR campaigns in the last few months: addressing important social issues. Burger King for example, took bullying and received an uproar in positive feedback, therefore creating a healthy message that all agreed with. From all the good publicity they received from that campaign in 2017, they then found another social issue they could get behind and hopefully roll out with the same effects - net neutrality. Burger King enforced prices that represented the idea of what net neutrality would be like. The longer you waited for your whopper, the cheaper it was - the faster you got your whopper, the more expensive it was. Burger King captured real life reactions and created a campaign based upon the effect it had on their customers. Therefore, becoming one of the most talked about PR campaigns of 2018.

3. Royal Wedding

It’s no secret that the Royal Wedding has taken over media headlines since the big day. It’s also a given that any event in relation to the royals always make the headlines, but this time around it was much different. For starters, this royal couple broke the mold on traditions that have been in place for hundreds of years. One of the best PR stunts that was pulled this year was the guest list they formulated. Generally, politicians and diplomats from all over the world are invited to the big day. Rather, this power couple invited 1,200 members of public for their positive contributions to their community. Seeing that we are STILL seeing stories about the power couple, all of their efforts to go against the grain are inevitably paying off.

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