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Why Influencer Marketing Works

Bre Chiero of @HungryHipsters, and a recent interviewee of #TeamHSC's Influencer Series.


Social media campaigns have become one of the biggest tools in consumer marketing over the last few years. Bloggers, vloggers, and Instagram stars have quickly risen to an unprecedented level of prominence due to their ability to reach audiences in a new way. Some people have asked if influencer marketing really works. Here are three reasons why it does.


Followers love feeling as though they can relate to an influencer, and the most successful influencers have a way of making their followers feel just like friends. Similar to any other friendship, you trust your friends’ opinions, and this becomes particularly important when influencers share products with their followers. Being relatable creates trust with the audience and makes them more likely to try whatever product the influencer is endorsing.

Authentic Posts

Influencers strive to create authentic content for their followers. This differs from traditional advertising content which is very crafted and targeted. Influencer posts are more subtle, and allow their genuine opinion on the places or products being endorsed to shine through to their followers.

Targeted Audiences

Using influencer marketing is an easy way to reach a target audience. For example, a diaper company can use a mommy blogger to specifically reach other mothers rather than making a TV commercial that a mother may or may not pay attention to. By using influencers to market a product, companies are more likely to see a return on their investment because they are marketing to a specific audience segment.

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