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How I Transitioned from Music to Hospitality PR

Since moving to Music City four years ago, I’ve had the pleasure of working in both the music and hospitality industries. I was a music publicist and also worked at a venue/restaurant in town for three and a half years. Music is one of my biggest passions; I attended concerts, award shows, radio interviews, etc. Music was on my mind 24/7!

Every day as a music publicist is different. With each quarter came many project releases and tours. Every day we were gearing up for those album or single releases and tours, whether that meant writing press releases, pitching album reviews and interviews, attending in-person interviews and even catching a show when the artist would be in Nashville. The fun never stopped, and you just kept going!

While music PR was super fun, I felt like it was time for a change and time to expand my experience in a new area. So, this past Spring I made the decision to move away from music PR and venture out to one of my other passions, food. In the last three months, I have learned that hospitality and music PR are very different. While the fundamentals of PR are still the same and apply to all industries, there has still been a steep learning curve when adjusting to the new scene.

Below are some of the differences and challenges I have faced:

- Where I used to write press releases every day, now I am focusing on writing pitches.

- Learning which media outlets are the most suitable for our client base and working those contacts to foster new relationships.

- Social media has come a long way since I have been doing traditional PR and implementing these into the day-to-day has been a challenge.

Three things I have enjoyed about the transition:

- Getting to know our wonderful clients and what makes their businesses so exciting.

- Reading all about food and beverage (which makes me hungry all the time!)

- Learning more about social media from our fabulous social team!

What is better than combining a couple of my passions? I am excited to be on this growing journey with #TeamHSC!

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