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Brainstorming In The Workplace

#Team HSC during a group brainstorming session.


It can be difficult to constantly generate new ideas, especially in an ever-evolving and rapidly-changing field like PR or marketing. Which is why brainstorming sessions in the office can be very beneficial when you need to come up with new content or ideas. Here are three brainstorming exercises to help your team think outside the box.

Question Brainstorming:

Instead of coming up with ideas on the current topic, come up with questions instead! Encourage your team to come up with as many questions about the topic as possible in a certain amount of time. Start off by answering who, what, when, where, and why.

Speed Brainstorming:

This exercise works great with smaller groups! Everyone gets in a circle with a piece of paper and brainstorms three ideas about the topic. After three to five minutes, everyone passes their paper to the right proceeding to brainstorm off of the previous ideas. This exercise continues until each paper makes it back to its original spot.

Word Brainstorming:

This exercise is made to be very quick, so that no one overthinks their answers. Start with a sticky note on the wall of the current brainstorming topic. Then have everyone write one word on a sticky note that relates to the topic. Keep branching out with other words that relate to the next set of sticky notes. This exercise is made to find words that you might not originally think relate to your topic.

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