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Social Media Mistakes That Drive People Away from Your Business

Almost 80% of businesses use social media and within 6 months business accounts on Instagram almost tripled! If that tells you anything, it’s that businesses are utilizing social media like never before. Who knew that when these platforms started that they would be almost the number 1 driving tool for them? People choose to follow, like and engage with brands for a variety of reasons and it’s important to know what is driving them to your page and what drives them away from your page. As important it is to be keeping up with social media trends, it is also very important to cleanse your business platforms as well.

The BIGGEST mistake that drivers people away from your business is not being active on social media. You need to be consistently posting to keep your audience engaged. When you’re not posting daily, people don’t feel obligated to hit the “unfollow” button or not engage with you. You want people to notice your business, so keep up with your content. Try to post at least 3x per week. Get creative with your content and don’t make it too repetitive. You want your audience to be intrigued by your posts.

With that being said, posting haphazardly can be a driving mistake that businesses often make. Social media takes strategy and not every post will be engaged with if it’s not well thought out. Create a calendar of posts ahead of time. When you post on the spot without thinking of how it will benefit your business or if it matches your brand, people may be turned off. Random content won’t help build relationships with your audience, it will only confuse them. Even when planning out a content calendar, you can still make “real-time” posts that make it seem as though you are posting while you’re out doing things that are relevant to your business.

When writing content keep in mind that being too salesy can drive away your audience. People don’t want to be constantly told to buy this, this and this. Your audience is smart and knows when you’re merrily selling a product. Be more personable with your content and get the audience engaged. People will love giving businesses their feedback because it makes them feel as if they are helping in a big decision.

Lastly, be sure to respond. Instead of making a phone call and going through operator after operator or sending an email that won’t get a response for up to 72 hours, people are seeking customer service through social media. This means you have to be on your A-game when it comes engaging with your customers. You have to be constantly checking your direct messages, comments, reviews and check-ins. They went out of their way to send you a message, so you should go out of your way to respond to them. Even when the message or comment doesn’t seem totally relevant you should still respond. People love feeling that what they have to say means something to a business. It makes you feel more personable as well which connects well with your audience.

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