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5 Tips for Promoting a More Efficient Office Culture

Double Check All Your Emails

There is nothing worse than sending an email only to realize there are typos or sentences that don’t make sense after it’s too late to change anything. Make sure to double check all your emails to clients, bosses, coworkers, etc.

Try to find a solution to a problem on your own first

When a problem occurs at work take the time to use the internet or other resources to try and find a solution for yourself before going to your boss or another coworker. Most of the time the answer is only a google search away and you won’t have to waste someone else’s time with a simple problem.

Keep all of your emails professional

Don’t use abbreviated words, shorthand, or smiley faces in work emails. This will help everyone take you more seriously at your job and know that you are aware of the correct email etiquette.

Save your emotions for when you’re at home

Keep your emotions in check at work. No matter how badly you want to snap at your boss or coworker in the moment it only makes you look bad. Wait until you’re at home to let off steam about your job.

Listen closely to what your boss wants from you

When you are assigned a project make sure to listen exactly what your boss wants the outcome to be. This way you can turn in the correct work the first time instead of having to start all over because you weren’t exactly sure what was needed from you.

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