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Social Media Updates You May Have Missed

With the rate that social media is evolving, it can be difficult to keep up with what is new. We’ve got you covered on keeping up with the social media updates that have happened so that you don’t have to!

New Facebook Algorithm

Facebook announced a new algorithm update that may make businesses engagement suffer. The update will filter and prioritize posts from user’s friends and families versus sponsored content from brands and businesses making it more difficult to reach target audiences. This update is forcing brands and businesses to evolve and re-think the content they are producing to ensure engagement.

Instagram and GIPHY Partnership

Instagram broke the internet by announcing their partnership with GIPHY and releasing the GIF feature on Instastories earlier this year. Before we could even master it, the feature seemingly disappeared into thin air. We were all left scratching our heads wondering why the GIF option disappeared. Due to a racial slur on a GIF, the feature has been temporarily put on hold until the platforms can be sure nothing like that will happen again. We are crossing our fingers for the new and improved update to come soon!

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