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3 Tips to Connect with Editors

Connecting and building a relationship with editors and writers is an essential part of being a publicist. To get your client the media coverage it needs and is expected from you can be difficult but knowing the editors and journalist that write about the field your clients are in will make it a lot easier. If you can relate to the editor in some way, it makes you stand out. When you know a project they are working on or if there’s a bad storm where they live go out of your way to say something about it. Below are 3 tips to help you connect and establish relationships with these editors.

Follow their social media channels

The best way to connect in today’s PR climate is of course through social media. While you shouldn’t be sending your pitches through social media, it’s a great tool to use for following the editor and seeing what he/she is writing about, or if they are a freelancer what publications they are currently writing a story for. When you follow an editor, you can see insight into their personal life that you can mention when pitching. Did they recently take a vacation to Paris and posted about it on their social media? Make a note to mention what you see, “Hope you had a great time in Paris! Saw you visited _____. Love it there!” This gives you one step ahead of other publicist who may not notice or mention personal details.

Make your pitch straight to the point

Editors and writers read pitches all day long. Send them the relevant information about the pitch and build you relationship by being a resource they can count on to give them all the important points they need without the extra fluff. The fluff is only going to make their eyes roll. If you are continually sending them a long and drawn out pitch with useless information that doesn’t make them want to write that story and before long they won’t even want to open your email.

Reach out

Every once in a while, reach out to the writer or editor and see what they are working on and see if you have a client or story that could work for them. If you don’t have anything, maybe mention someone you know that does. Be helpful! This will make your relationship with them stronger and they’ll know that they can always reach out to you if they need help. When they see you are helping them it will only strengthen the relationship. Your help will get you noticed.

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