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New Instagram Story Features!

Attention all typography nerds! After much anticipation, Instagram has FINALLY added new fonts to the story feature. The new update, called “type” mode features a total of four new fonts ready to take your stories to the next level!

There are two ways to utilize the new feature. If you are looking to post a story of just text, there is an option to type text posts with colored backgrounds versus over a photo! To access it, open your story camera and swipe left past the "live" option towards the bottom of your screen. The colors change with each font. If you want to add text over a photo or video, after adding the text you’d like click the “classic” button towards the top of your screen. Keep clicking that button until you see the font you would like to use!

Here is a breakdown of the new fonts:

  • Instagram - Black Circle
  • Facebook - Black Circle
  • Twitter - Black Circle
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