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How to Effectively Pitch a Celebrity Sighting

With our society more celebrity-obsessed than ever, it’s not rocket science to figure out what appeals to the masses, which is why brands are harnessing the collective obsession over celebrities to sell a product or service. Celebrities are more than just a media creation, they dominate our culture from dictating trends, spearheading social justice movements, to creating this universal bond among many who share the same love for their favorite idol. They hold the great power to inspire.

As the media landscape and consumers become increasingly inundated with celebrity news, it’s imperative to know how to effectively craft a pitch using a celebrity as your primary subject. A celebrity sighting is always fun to cover, but what makes it different than any other headline obsessing over a celebrity’s presence in the public eye?

Here are some tips for crafting a celebrity pitch and breaking through the clutter.

1. Find a unique angle

Like any pitch, this is critical as this will either make or break your potential for generating coverage. Avoid a cookie cutter approach and craft something that is extraordinary, prompting a writer to incorporate it in a piece that will captivate their readers. What is the significance of Bernie Sanders spotted chowing down on some wings at your client’s restaurant or Rihanna wearing an eccentric piece from your client’s line in her latest music video? Make it personable, quirky and beyond the scope of a basic, celebrity obsession.

2. Be exclusive and punctual

This is highly desirable as the majority of media outlets prefer to receive a story first. Although exclusivity online is diminishing as the nature of news spreads like rapid fire, it’s still important to be extremely punctual with the deliverance of this pitch. A celebrity sighting is time sensitive and becomes old news fast so the sooner you circulate it to the public, the better. Especially if this is your client affiliated with the celebrity, as the publicist you want to be the sole messenger to get the news out first and in a timely manner to ensure it gets picked up.

3. Choosing the right image

Images are almost a prerequisite for circulating a celebrity pitch since it supplements the content and gives more credibility. Try and opt for energetic and personable photos of a celebrity in action , being their true, authentic selves. Whether it be indulging in their favorite meal or engaging with fans, catch them in the action and allow readers to visually see the celebrity in their raw element, organically affiliated with the brand you’re intending to promote.

4. Craft a solid media list

It’s self-evident, but you should be targeting lifestyle and entertainment outlets who are keen on covering things all celebrity and pop culture. Be super conscious of who you’re pitching to and the topics they cover. Additionally, be aware of conflicting events that would hinder successful pickup on your celebrity sighting. For instance, on the day of the GRAMMYS, E News won’t have time for anything other than covering the red carpet.

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