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5 Tips for Phone Interviews

Phone interviews are extremely popular. Why? They are a great way for companies to do an initial screening and cut out candidates for face-to-face interviews. They are also a huge cost saver when interviewing candidates from out of town. Companies can easily cut out candidates in an initial phone call and only fly out their top choices for in person interviews. So, as you can see, acing your phone interview is an essential part of landing the job.

Here are some tips to help you excel.

1. Prepare. Just because it is on the phone does not mean it doesn’t need preparation. Make sure to do your research, practice answers to relevant interview questions, and prepare questions to ask the interviewee. Always have your resume in front of you for reference. Sometimes phone interviews can be unscheduled – companies will do that to catch you off guard. Make sure to always answer your phone professionally to avoid an embarrassing first impression. If you do receive an unscheduled phone interview, it is okay to set up a time to have them call back – politely of course!

2. Smile. I know it might sound crazy but smile while you are speaking – it will change your tone of voice to sound more positive and enthusiastic.

3. Take notes. Always make sure to have pen and paper in front of you in case you need to jot something down.

4. Speak slowly. People have a tendency to speed up their speech when on the phone, usually without even realizing it. Make a conscious effort to slow down and articulate your words.

5. Listen. Listen very carefully to what the interviewee is saying and asking you. Do not interrupt! If you have something to say make a note of it and once they are done speaking, you can have your turn.

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