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All or None? Which Social Media Platforms Matter Most?

Not all social media platforms are created equal when it comes to value and importance. Knowing what social platforms matter most for your business can be confusing. And spending time on the wrong platforms can be costly and a waste of time. Let’s talk about the top three that will lead your business to growth, profitability, and expanded brand identity.


Facebook is the largest and most widely-used social platform. It has the most demographics and reaches across the globe. Facebook offers unparalleled opportunities with over 1.9 billion users. You have the opportunity to choose a variety of options, including business pages, paid promotion on posts and native advertising. It has become a daily fixture of online experience and nearly half of Facebook users are active every day.


Instagram is a visual platform. Photos get 5x higher engagement than on Twitter, and photos make up 93% of the most engaged posts on Facebook. This is why Instagram is so popular. Instagram has a relatively large following and has grown significantly in the last couple years. It is much harder to find a larger set of demographics, like seniors for instance, on Instagram. Instagram does have a primary audience of millennials and teenagers. Instagram has a large global following that can help you reach a variety of demographics. Instagram also offers paid advertising. You can reach the market you are targeting in a variety of ways and make it feel very personal.


Those little 140 characters can make a big difference for your business. Twitter is one of the first places customers go to complain or make a comment on a business/brand. It is a great platform for marketing to younger audiences, but within the last couple of years the older age groups are using Twitter more often. Businesses have the opportunity to go viral on Twitter with a string of retweets. Relationships are built and elevated on Twitter daily. With over 310 million active users, you won’t have an issue finding an audience.

Now, each business will vary. Depending on the target market you are wanting to reach, you should test out a variety of social platforms. Be sure to monitor the analytics and see what is working for your business and what isn’t. Bringing awareness to your brand is so important, and social platforms can help you reach untapped market. Make sure to stay in direct contact with customers and potential clients. Don’t leave them hanging.

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