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Instagram: Back to Basics

Look at you: a masterful social media guru. You practically invented Instagram at this point, didn’t you? (For real though, did you? Cause, like, we should be friends and go to the Caribbean or something.)

Powerful hash tags? Check.

Consistent scheduling? We’re set through Christmas.

Influencer outreach? Bitch, I am the influencer.

So why read this blog if you’re the Dante of this Insta-Inferno? Because it’s always good to get back to the basics. With your head so full of advanced techniques and options, you may neglect the little things. Let’s take a collective breather and remember what made us great.

-Your Bio

Make sure this is optimized. If I tap on your profile and I can’t determine the purpose of its existence in a few seconds, I’m moving on to the next profile. Be clear and concise, but also be you. Show your audience what you do while also showing them who you are.

Bonus Pro Tip: Utilize your ONE link with a great call-to-action. I won’t tap on your link unless you prove to me that it’s worthwhile.

-Your Photos

You don’t have to be a modern-day Michelangelo to rock the Instagram scene. Just think of the big picture. I know this is a very scary word, but PLAN! Tell a story with your pictures. Don’t let me keep scrolling down. Draw me in. Plan out your content. Plan out how you’re going to light that content. Plan out…

- Your Descriptions

Now that we set you up with a victorious photo, let’s drive it home with the description. Make sure you talk about what’s going on in your post! Let me know why you decided to post this picture and the value it’s supposed to bring. Your picture is only as good as the description allows it to be. *Cough* CALLS-TO-ACTION *cough*

Last, you’re never too good to engage with your followers. Just in case you missed it and those prior words disappeared from your screen/printed-off-copy-of-this-blog, you’re never too good to engage with your followers. They are the reason you’re there and they are the reason you will stay there. My friend was just sent a cardboard drink coaster from PBR because she tweeted a funny experience involving the beer. Now, PBR isn’t her drink of choice and a cardboard coaster isn’t a crazy display of wealth, but you better believe their beer was on her shopping list the next day.

Let’s wrap this up. Optimize your bio. It attracts an audience to check out your posts. Optimize your photos. They keep an audience interested. Optimize your descriptions. They convert your audience into customers/consumers. Reach out to your fan base. It keeps them coming back for more.

Next time you post, think about the small things. Go back to the basics for a minute and make sure you don’t overlook the easy details. They make a world of difference and will definitely step your Instagram game up to the next level!

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