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How #TeamHSC Works Together

Team HSC has clients across the US. With two offices, one being in NYC and the other in Nashville, it’s important that we can all work as one to provide the best services to our clients. Although clients have different managers and coordinators, we depend on one another’s perspective around the office. We all have the same goal--to present the best face for the client in a cohesive manner and in sharing that goal we have to communicate our ideas and visions for conducting PR and Social.

We are all in agreeance that communication is at the top of our priority list. We work together through various apps such as Basecamp, Gain, Airtable and Dropbox. The apps allow us to talk with one another through personal or group messaging, create to-do lists that are company-wide and keep us accountable throughout HSC.

Another #TeamHSC priority is our morning call. Our Nashville and New York offices dial in to discuss what each member is doing that day. It helps us stay productive while encouraging one another to accomplish their given tasks and it allows us to take some of the load off if we can.

Being on the same page with each other’s schedules ensures we’re giving attention to every client and everything that needs to be done is voiced.

Having both a Social Media and Public Relations side of things might seem like it would create a slight divide in the office but we work together as much as possible to keep our visions consistent. We help one another review and revise things we’re working on whether it be your desk neighbor or someone in a different office. Additionally, when were stuck on something and want feedback we often will just voice our questions out loud and whoever is in the office will help troubleshoot or come up with whatever is needed. All in all, though we all have different roles here at HSC, we are one solid team with the same vision.

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