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Negotiation Strategies

Strong negotiation skills are very important in regards toin regard toprofessional and sometimes even personal matters. If someone is a good negotiator, it’s valued greatly in today’s competitive market. This particular skill can be beneficial when dealing with clients and inside the work place. It can increase your bottom line, build confidence and respect, as well. Here are some tips on how to negotiate effectively:

Identify who the decision maker is: Fully understand the business of the other party. Make sure you know the company’s background, along with the person’s background that you are negotiating with. You will want to know the kind of authority he or she has.

A collaborative tone is key: Always exude a positive and collaborative tone because it will more likely result in progress. A negative, aggressive or close mindedclose-mindedapproach may make the other party defensive and unwilling to listen or work together toward a common goal.

Ask the right questions: Don’t be afraid to ask the other party questions. The answers can be important in your negotiations.

Don’t accept the first offer: It can be a common mistake to accept the first offer from the other party. Counter offering is something that happens all the time in negotiations as most people and business usually expect the other party not to accept the first deal.


Don’t ignore alternatives: In some situations, you will want competitive alternatives as this can help you proceed correctly. For example, if you are looking for a particular price for something, it can be beneficial to talk to more than one company in order to gain leverage.

Walk away: Be prepared to walk away if the other party is not willing to meet you at least close to what you are wanting. Sometimes, the power of walking away is the strongest negotiation tactic.

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