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How #TeamHSC Sets Measurable Goals

Setting goals are important in every business, but it is crucial at HSC. The public relations and social media industries can be so fast-paced, that it can be difficult to keep up with the goals you want to meet by a certain timeframe.

At HSC, we plan out the goals that we want to meet for the month, whether it’s an increase in a client’s followers or a number of press hits. We’re sharing a few ways that our team sets these goals and how we accomplish them.

At the first of the month, we set our goals. Usually, the managers will sit with their teams and discuss what needs to be done for the month and how we’re going to achieve our goals. We use a tool called Basecamp. This tool allows us to put our tasks for each day and each task ties into a goal. Basecamp keeps our team accountable and on track to accomplish our goals.

Managers meet with their team members bi-weekly. These periodic check-ins help managers see where their team is with their tasks and goals. Also, these meetings help team members discuss with managers what they are struggling with or need more guidance on.

We set timelines. Whether it’s for daily tasks or monthly goals, there’s always a due date. This helps us stay on track and always aware of what we need to do for our clients.

We track and document when our goals are completed. In PR, when we get a press hit for one of our clients, we always log it so that we can track how many hits they have for the month. Our social team and PR team then compile all the goals they hit and create a report to send to our clients at the end of every month. Then, our clients see what work we have been doing for them.

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