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Staying Creative with Content

There are many different ways to stay creative, but what I have learned the most while working with HSC is that we learn together.

Being a Social Media Coordinator, there are times where you are at a loss for words. Content due dates screaming in your head, eyes dry from staring at your computer, trying to find any word to relate to the content and crickets are chirping.

Here are a few tips that I’ve been given when I hit a creative wall:

Follow, Follow, Follow

Follow accounts that are doing well in this industry. Learn from them and see how they are perceiving their content and relating it to their followers. What trends are they sticking to? What are they leaving behind? Are their content shoots unique? How?

Research, all day, every day

Every single moment is a learning opportunity. The places you go, the people you come in contact with, everything you are reading—this is all research. How are people speaking, how are they viewing what you are viewing? What angels and what differences can you pick up on to relate to a wider audience?

Take a moment

Sometimes you need a break. Go work on something else, read fun articles that make you laugh, listen to music or take a lunch. Look back and see the work you have already done and be proud of yourself that you made it to here. Then get back to it!

You aren’t the only one struggling with content and you won’t be the last. Keep trying and don’t hesitate to ask those around you.

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