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Why Nano Influencers are the Next Big Thing

With trends continuously changing and algorithms affecting purchasing decisions, influencers have had a huge impact on how brands are advertising and engaging their audience. Marketers are seeing the huge effect influencers have on their audience and the great brand awareness they bring to the table. Now a day’s marketers are setting aside an influencer budget due to their large part of sales.

Although influencers have been a huge part of social media for some time now, marketers are still on the hunt to find the best for their brand. People are more aware of influencer marketing tactics and questions “sponsored” posts. Followers may ask themselves, “Is xyz posting this solely because they are getting paid?” There comes a time when mega influencers with hundreds of thousand, even millions of followers are not delivering the expected ROI that marketers planned. Usually when a company works with a mega influencer, contracts are involved that they have to post xyz times for $xyz. The cash they receive per post is mostly based on the influencer’s engagement. Mega influencers have lost some audience trust due to the “sponsored” posts and people are more aware of these marketing tactics. That’s when nano influencers come into play.

Forbesdescribes a nano influencer as someone with a few thousand followers, around 5,000, in a well-defined sector. Fees are less, the talent more pliable. Nano influencers are “normal” people who don’t solely used influencer marketing as their main income.Essentially, nano influencers are just starting to accrue a following normally around a specific subject. Audiences take a liking to nano influencers because they seem much more relatable to the everyday person. Marketers are loving this because if someone seems more relatable and their lifestyle to be more attainable, they will in return follow their purchasing habits.

Some may feel it’s counterintuitive for marketers to approach someone with a small following, but nano influencers are a very important asset to help boost your brands social engagement. They provide better engagement and more likely to over-deliver. They will go above and beyond due to their commitment to growing their following and are very enthusiastic to give the brand what they want. Another great thing is that they cost much less, if they charge any.

They also provide a great word-of-mouth effect. They personally know many of their followers which means their endorsements act as a true recommendation. Think about it: you usually ask your friends and family for recommendations even before or after reading reviews online. You trust people you know and that you relate to.

If you’re looking to expand your influencer list, working with nano influencers is the perfect opportunity. They may have not worked with brands before, but they truly have a great eye and will go above and beyond to make the client happy. They may be small, but they are niche and high engaged. They may not seem distinct, but their impact is mighty.

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