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How to Interact with Editors on Social Media

When working in public relations, it’s so important to create relationships with editors and writers, so they will be more likely to feature your clients in their publications. Meeting with editors in person is the best way to start a relationship with them, but how do you continue building the relationship? One of the best ways is through following them on social media platforms and engaging with them. Here, we’ve shared how you should engage with editors through social media.

Follow them on social platforms

Research which platforms they use the most and follow them on those. This is one of the easiest ways for them to remember who you are after meeting up with you.

Like their photos on Instagram

It’s important to like their photos so they know you’re taking an interest in them and that you’re not just looking for placement for your clients.

Comment on some of their Instagram posts or stories

Don’t just randomly comment on their posts or stories—make sure you have something relevant and meaningful to say. When they see you are actually interested in what they’re doing or that you have similar interests, they’re more likely to reach out to you.

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