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What's the Buzz on Bumble Bizz? 🐝

Word on the street is Bumble Bizz is the new way of networking. Of course, we had to give it a go. Social Media Manager, Kelsey Vincent, is giving the 4-1-1 and all you need to know about the buzz.

What is it?

Bumble Bizz is an extension of the popular dating app Bumble. The app can be downloaded via Android or iOS. If you already have Bumble for other purposes (ie. Date or BFF) you can still use Bizz. The app is not intended for job searching or recruiting, but merely networking.

Why you should use it?

Networking is critical for everybody. Even if you’re happy in your current job, there is always room to connect and grow in your industry. Meeting new people can help achieve that. Bumble Bizz offers individual connections where you can meet like-minded business people.

How to use it?

Since most people find their next job through networking, Bumble decided to step it up a notch to connect professionals. Networking can be super uncomfortable for some people, but Bumble Bizz makes it easier. Once you download the app you add your experience to your profile, upload 6 unique photos that can be tailored to your experience, add a bio and a captivating headline, then get to swiping. We’re sure you’re familiar with the swipe right, swipe left feature that Bumble Date offers, and Bumble Bizz is just the same.

Why it works?

Not only can networking be uncomfortable, it’s also limited. There are only so many people that go to a networking event or who you can meet in person. Bumble Bizz gives you a range of people to connect with that may or may not be in your same “crew.” Your search becomes a mass population that helps you connect with people all over the city you reside in.

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