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Instagram Story Trends

Instagram stories have really dominated the Insta-game this past year! With Instagram constantly changing, new features are added regularly and allowing users to do more with their personal and business accounts than ever before. “Ask me a question” was only one of the major story trends we’ve seen in 2018 and as more roll out on a regular basis, we’re over here just trying to keep up! Here are a few other recent trends that we love:

We’re obsessed with the “Add this to your story” @mention feature. This is when someone tags you in their story and it notifies you via DM with the image and option to add to your story. This makes for easy instant re-posting!

Shopping is always a good idea, am I right? The “shop now” feature has made all of our lives that much easier. Products can be featured via posts or stories and simply direct buyers to purchase by tapping on the image.

The re-share (from post to story) feature, the ability to share your static posts via story! When viewers are looking at your story they can simply tap on the post within the story and it will direct them to that post. This benefits the account in directing traffic to posts that may have been overlooked in a feed.

Filters have always been a thing but it appears that the vintage look is totally in right now. Apps like Huji give photos a disposable camera look which seem to be crowding my feed. I will admit, I have the app too.

Engagement features such as “Ask me a question,” polls and the emoji slider poll are making it easier for viewers to engage with the profile. Polls are a great way of collecting data while answering questions asked by followers makes users feel a part of something.

And lastly but definitely least, GIFs are insane right now. When they first came around in stories there was quite a limited selection but now that library is only growing and changes according to time of year - hellooo Hanukkah and Christmas!

Can’t wait to see what’s coming next. We’re ready for you 2019!

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