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Time Management Tips

Working in agency-style PR, time management is everything. While juggling the wants, goals, schedules, and events of multiple clients at the same time, it can be easy to get behind and quickly become stressed. We’ve gathered some of our best tips to help you manage your time wisely and stay on top of your work to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

Keep a Calendar

This seems obvious, yet so many people overlook it. Whether you like to write out your to-do’s in your planner, schedule them using iCal, or utilize a to-do list app, like Todoist, having a schedule when it comes to work can save your life. A little organization never hurt anybody!

Plan Ahead

Don’t just work on things as they are due. Once you have all your due dates marked on the calendar, take a look and think through which tasks are going to take you longer and need more time. If you realize you have a huge project coming up, start setting aside time to work on it days in advance to ensure that it is done on time. Waiting until the last minute causes unnecessary stress and hinders your work!


It’s important when starting the day to go through your to-do list and prioritize what needs to be done first. You never know what unexpected tasks could come your way and you don’t want to have saved your most important to-do for the end of the day, only to realize you don’t have the time you thought you would to do it. Starting with the most important duties or biggest deadlines and saving the less timely tasks for later in the day ensures that if you run out of time to finish your to-do list, you’re only pushing the things of least importance to the next day.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

There are some days (or weeks) that no matter how much you planned and worked ahead, you end up with way more to do than can possibly be done in a day. It happens, it’s okay! Chances are, not everyone is your office is having one of those days at the same time. So don’t be afraid to ask for help or delegate some of your work to someone else. That’s one of the reasons we love being a part of a team, we always have each other’s backs!

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