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How to Build Your Portfolio

You’ve composed your resumé, drafted your references and stalked LinkedIn for available positions; but you’re left wondering why the number of responses you have received is minimal. Social media is a booming industry, and everyone wants in. Whether you’re experienced in the field or looking to get your foot in the door through an entry level position, building a portfolio can truly help you stand out in a pool of candidates.

Social Media is a creative field, don’t be afraid to stand out.

A common mistake people make when applying to social media positions, is treating the application process as they would in say, the finance industry. Yes, social media takes critical thinking, strong writing and attention to detail, but it also requires someone with the ability to think outside of the box. A huge part of this industry is based on images and aesthetics. Take some time to perfect both a resume and a portfolio that are professional, but with a hint of your inner artist.

Compare and contrast.

You are beginning the process of finding your future employer, so take it seriously. Research and view portfolio layouts of people in similar positions so that you are educated on what is expected of you.

Flaunt your skills.

This is your time to shine. If a prospective employer has taken the effort to view your portfolio, they are certainly interested. Provide links to work examples including writing, copy-writing, photography, content curation, marketing strategies and anything else that will showcase why you are the best candidate.

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