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Building Your Following

The more the merrier absolutely applies when it comes to social media. The higher the following, the higher the reach. Size does matter! How does one grow their audience? You’d think that having amazing content would be enough, but unfortunately that’s not the case. Outreach is key when attempting to maximize numbers and gain new followers. Here are a few tips in how you can successfully increase your numbers and a few things not to do in the process.

Engage, engage, engage! You can’t engage enough when it comes to your following. Followers want a connection, interact honestly and be straightforward when it comes to goals, ideas and intentions. Be authentic!

Offer promotions, giveaways and polls as a way of gaining some insight from your followers by allowing them to chime in. People want to feel a part of something.

Tagging. By adding hashtags, geotags and everything in between, people will be led to your page based upon their own interests and check-ins.

Do maintain some kind of consistent schedule; whether that’s posting every other day or 4x a week. See what works best for you and your audience.

Don’t feel the need to post every day. People don’t want to see their pages flooded with your content. Spread it out a bit, as they say, distance makes the heart grow fonder!

DON’T buy followers! No one likes fake friends - nor do they like fake followers. Make an effort like the rest of us!

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