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Building Your Media List

You’ve written the perfect pitch, but without an intentional and targeted media list your pitch may not receive proper recognition. Luckily, here at HSC we’ve had tons of practice building strategic pitch lists and have rounded up our top tips for you.

Define Your Angle and Audience

The first step to building a targeted media list is to consider what your pitch is offering and who you are trying to share this information with. This will help narrow down which type of outlets you want to send your pitch to.

Do Your Research

Next, delve further into these outlets by researching the types of articles they have posted in the past. Do they publish roundups or feature restaurant reviews? It is important to consider the outlet’s style to make sure your pitch fits.

Consider Your Contacts

To truly maximize the reach of your pitch, you need to be strategic about who you are sending it to. For example, send your pitch to contacts that you have formed a good relationship with, editors that have written similar stories in the past and writers from other publications that cover the topic that your pitch is focused on.

Pay Attention to Roles

You don’t want to send a pitch about a roundup story to a video producer, so make sure your contact’s title or role will cover the pitch you are sending to them. By matching your pitch with your contact’s role, it has a better chance of being picked up by the editor or producer and being published.

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