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How to Stand Out in a Meeting

Whether you love them or hate them, meetings are necessary to discuss big projects or touch base on where the team is on everyday tasks. Instead of sitting silently and mindlessly browsing your computer, here are some ways you can impress your boss at your next meeting.


If you’re discussing a new project, it’s important to research details and take notes beforehand. This way, you’ll be prepared to chime in and give thoughts during the meeting that will show your boss you went the extra mile.

Speak Up

Even if you’re just asking a question or wanting clarification, it will show that you care about what’s being discussed.

Take Notes

Writing down main points during the meeting will also show your boss you’re invested in the discussion. Taking notes also benefits you – you’ll be able to reference them later in case you forget anything.

Don’t Take Your Phone

Scrolling through your phone during a meeting isn’t a good idea. It will make you seem distracted and as if you don’t care.

Send Recap Notes and Action Items

After the meeting, it’s important to write up a recap with action items to send to the team so that you all know what was discussed and the assignments that each member was given.

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