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The Importance of User-Generated Content

Whether it’s through local influencers or celebrities like Kim K. endorsing products via Instagram posts on Social Media, user generated content plays a major role in promoting brands. Also known as UGC, user generated content is all content (videos, pictures, text with tagging) that has been published freely by contributors, AKA the consumers.

Do you take pics of your Instagram-worthy meals, upload and tag the restaurant? You’re a contributor to UGC! We all are, guilty as charged. It’s draws attention to the restaurant and likes for you! It’s a win-win. Here are a few reasons why user generated content is so important in this day and age.

Companies need to keep up with the trends that are constantly evolving, and what better way to do that than with a touch of a button? The internet allows instant access and in return we see instant gratification. Timeliness matters! People need to be able to easily access information at the touch of a screen. If consumers can’t easily access brands, the customer will look for others who are more accessible.

It’s authentic. People are sharing their personal experiences, which are easily relatable to other viewers. People connect more so to people and brands that they can relate to. People also want to feel that they have influence over the community/brand as a whole, and social media allows people to do so by contributing their version of the story.

Consumers now choose who they listen to. Rather than clicking on ads, people are more likely to visit a page suggested by a friend or someone that they know/admire. They see one beautiful photo of a product and boom, they’re sold.

It’s extremely cost-effective. Rather than dishing out tons of cash for a single campaign, users create content for you and bring their audience with them. The business’ following increases and there’s an array of new original content.

People desire authenticity and want to feel understood. UGC allows the consumer and the business to connect on new levels and increase followings by simply engaging with their audience. We’re totally onboard for that!

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