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Difference Between Boutique and Corporate PR

Does Size Matter?

There are thousands of PR firms throughout the country, from boutique style to large and corporate. If you’re not sure what type of agency you want to work for, we’ve listed a few tips below when deicing between a boutique or corporate agency.

If you want to work with niche industries, consider boutique:boutique agencies tend to have a specialize niche industries such as hospitality, fashion, beauty, design, etc. Corporate agencies tend to focus on a broader range of clients.

Work with High Level Employees: In a smaller agency, it’s more likely that the owner of the company will be involved in yours account because the team is not as large. You will be able to work more directly with the owner and higher up employees.

Team Size: You will most likely have more responsibility at a boutique agency. Because the team sizes are smaller, you’ll have your hands in multiple things and will most likely wear a lot of hats.

Client Interaction: It’s likely that you will have more personal client interaction with a smaller agency because there are less employees on each account.

Company Culture: At a boutique agency, the company culture is usually defined by the employees and can evolve while a corporate agency’s culture has already been created and most likely won’t change.

Technology Access: At a larger agency, you will have access to the latest and most up to date PR software

Your Ideas Will Be Heard: At a smaller agency, your ideas may be considered more. Because there are less people on the team, everyone’s opinions are important.

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