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#TeamHSC Thanksgiving Traditions

At Hannah Schneider Creative, we love Thanksgiving—a chance to reunite with family and friends we love, fill up on delicious food, and remember all that we are thankful for this year. But our Thanksgivings won’t all look alike, read on to hear some of #TeamHSC’s Thanksgiving Traditions!

Hannah Schneider, Founder and CEO

“Every year someone from my mom's side of the family tries to recreate my Grandma's rolls. We always have a surprise package with them to reheat, which is always fun!”

Kelsey Vincent, Social Media Manager

“We always write what we are thankful for anonymously on a note and throw it in a basket. Then, we pass the basket around and read each note out loud.”

AnneBanks Blackwell, Executive Assistant

“My family always goes to the beach for Thanksgiving! Every year, we go around the table and say what are thankful for this year.”

Sam Coley, Publicity Assistant

“My family loves football, so we always watch the Detroit Lions and Dallas Cowboys football games while cooking together.”

Brittany Hubbard, Social Media Intern

“We have thanksgiving lunch with all things homemade like oyster dressing, yeast rolls and real pumpkin pie - yum! Then we always finish off the day by going to a movie that night.”

Summer Dawn Neel, Public Relations Intern

“Every year, my family spends Thanksgiving together at our lake house! Recently, we have started the tradition of subbing out turkey for one of our family friend’s famous chicken alfredo pasta. We end up having turkey when we eat with our extended family the next day, but we don’t actually have it on Thanksgiving!”

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