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Tips for Influencers

Here at #TeamHSC we work with social media influencers regularly. As social media platforms continue to expand and grow on the daily, so do the roles of influencers. Read on to hear our top tips on how to be the most successful influencer in a continuously changing industry.

Know your followers. When working with a brand or agency for a visit or campaign, stay true to what your followers want to see. Only you know what your followers will engage with. The whole goal of being an influencer is engagement, you are being sought out because a brand knows you will provide engagement towards their product or services. If a brand doesn’t resonate with your followers it probably isn’t worth collaborating on – it won’t benefit your followers, it won’t benefit the company you are working with, and ultimately it might lose you followers.

Create relationships. Creating relationships is something you should consider your job as an influencer! Foster friendships with your followers, let them know you appreciate them and have their back because in turn they will support you and keep your account thriving. Build relationships with the brands you work with as well, let them know you value them and will be there for them. When you create a positive relationship with a brand or agency, they will keep you in mind for future opportunities and bigger collaborations. Send thank you notes to brands and jump on Instagram stories to tell your followers you love them – karma will be your best friend!

Be patient. Social media updates and algorithms throw punches constantly, these changes can really impact influencers and hurt what you have worked so hard to build on your account. Be patient, research the loop holes on how to better build engagement, join networks and share successes with other influencers. Be patient when it comes to working with brands! Both the brand and the influencer are achieving two different goals, but you can work together to formulate the best partnership to satisfy both ends of the deal.

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