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Why You Should Never Buy Your Followers

The temptation of buying followers for your social media platforms can be real, especially when it seems like your brand is struggling to gain an online presence. However, don’t go down that road. Below are four reasons why it is never a good idea to buy your social media followers.

No Engagement. When you buy fake followers, your brand may seem to have more recognition on the surface. However, these fake followers will not boost your engagement or help your company gain online traction in the long run.

Destroys Your Credibility. When you are trying to build your social media presence, it can be very dangerous to buy fake followers, because it can destroy your reputation as a credible brand. Your real followers will will see it because your engagement will not match your amount of followers, and they will be less likely to trust you.

Fake Followers Bring Spam. Some of these fake followers that you are buying could be a front for spam. Once you buy them and they have access to your account they will be able to spam you and your followers, which may in turn lead to a loss of genuine followers.

Against Terms of Service. Bottom line, buying followers is against the terms and conditions of most social media platforms. Social media networks go through purges to get rid of fake followers, and if they notice that you have bought these followers, they reserve the right to suspend your account. Once again, your credibility will be diminished and will leave you with the same or even less followers.

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