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What #TeamHSC is Doing for Halloween

It’s that spooky time of year again and #TeamHSC’s Halloween plans are in full force. From Hallo-Weekend to October 31st read on about our killer plans for the holiday.

Hannah Schneider, Founder and CEO

I’m so excited this year, because I have my first home here in Nashville! I am going to carve pumpkins and pass out candy so I can meet my neighbors! There will likely be some spiked cider action happening as well.

Kelsey Vincent, Social Media Manager

I plan on celebrating at Walden’s Chamber of Curiosities party on Friday, October 26th and then heading to Broadway. On Halloween night I am going to pass out candy with family!

Savannah Wasserman, Social Media Coordinator

I will be watching Halloween movies, maybe baking some pumpkin bread, relaxing with friend and drinking wine. On Hallo-weekend I plan on heading to Sleepy Hallow to explore and hit up a pumpkin patch or two!

Sam Coley, Publicist

My best friend and I have a tradition of dressing up and going to the live screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show at midnight. It’s shown at the Belcourt Theatre in Nashville and the movie is shown on screen while performers act out the film. There’s always fun costumes, cocktails and props to throw around in the theater!

AnneBanks Blackwell, Executive Assistant

On the Friday before Halloween I am going on a Haunted Hayride and to a Halloween party at Acme on Saturday night – I am dressing up as one of the characters from Clueless with one of my best friends!

Summer Dawn Neel, Public Relations Intern

My roommates and I are planning on cooking chili, binge watching Halloween movies, making Halloween cookies and handing out candy to trick-or-treaters on our first Halloween in our new Nashville home!

Britney Hubbard, Social Media Intern

I plan on celebrating Halloween by eating some festive Halloween orange Oreos and watching 31 days of Halloween on Freeform over the weekend. On Halloween night I am going out with my roommate for dinner and to celebrate the holiday by hitting up Broadway!

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