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Myths in the PR World

Whether you work in public relations or not, you are exposed to the effects of PR daily. However, there are often misconceptions and misinformation about public relations. Want to be more knowledgeable about PR? Below, HSC is busting the top 5 PR myths.

Any News is Good News. It is a common misconception that as long your company’s name is in the news, it is beneficial to your brand. However, this is very far from the truth. Your brand’s reputation can make or break your company, so it is extremely important to avoid crises at all times.

There is No “Guaranteed Coverage." You could pitch a story to an editor, correspond with them to send photos and set up interviews, hear back that a story will be published in the next week, and never see any press coverage from them. In PR, it is important to keep in mind that editors may change their mind about publishing a story with your client for various reasons.

Good Products Don’t Need Publicity. While a good product may get some press on its own, it will not reach the same audience without some targeted publicity. A PR firm will be able to get a client’s product in front of media who will share their information with the right people.

PR is All About Press Releases. In today’s technological world, public relations is much more than sending out press releases and holding press conferences. Now, publicists have the opportunity to reach the media in multiple ways and promote their clients on several different platforms.

Publicity is Free and Easy. While many people may think that getting publicity for a product or company is easy to do, it actually takes a lot of time and hard work to secure press coverage. It is all about constantly thinking of new ways to pitch a client, consistently following up with editors and building meaningful relationships with media.

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