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What Does a Social Media Coordinator Really Do?

As told by Social Media Coordinator, Savannah Wasserman

Sometimes when I explain what I do for a living, people are in awe that it’s a legitimate job. How can spending ones entire day on social media be considered work? Well, it’s a lot more than just perusing feeds and posting on Instagram, that’s for sure! There’s a lot that goes into the role of a Social Media Coordinator. I’m going to give you a little taste of what we do on the daily.

Social media coordinators implement and maintain online marketing strategies on multiple social media platforms, representing the company in the online world. We work closely with PR teams to make sure that all coverage is promoted accordingly across all channels. It’s our job to maintain the company’s online presence.

Typically we oversee multiple social media accounts per client. We plan and manage the content for each outlet (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) so that posts are prepared prior to the posting date. We are constantly engaging with users online; responding to comments, messages, engaging with potential influencers and coordinating client visits. We’re often on site attending client shoots and events, capturing behind the scenes footage and posting live to social media.

In terms of the daily posting, there are many of details that play a role in what, when and why we post. For example, it’s important to take into consideration the time of day you’ll be posting and the type of post, whether you’re highlighting a new menu item or promoting brunch. Not to mention including effective hashtags, geotags and tagging all appropriate parties! There is rhyme for all the reason. Aside from daily engagement we track the accounts monthly, measuring the growth, considering traffic and analyzing any downfall.

We help share the stories of companies through thoughtful text, engagement and visually appealing content. The events, food and everything we get to do along the way are just added bonuses!

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