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Being an Introvert in the PR World

If you’re an introvert, you may think the public relations industry is not right for you. However, being an introvert this agency has its advantages. We’ve listed five traits that can help introverts succeed in the PR world, so you can feel confident.

Introverts are excellent writers. Since they prefer to be alone—and actual recharge when alone—they’re able to really focus and put effort into writing important messages, which is a vital skill to have in PR.

Introverts are self-aware. They have a tendency to look inward and examine their feelings, experiences and ambitions. They understand what their motivations are, which can help them accomplish their goals in the work place.

Introverts learn from watching others. Instead of diving headfirst into a project, they like to learn through observing their peers. In a PR firm, it’s important to learn from your peers and collaborate with them, so introverts are able to work well with in on a team.

Introverts are independent. Even though working in PR requires a lot of teamwork, introverts are willing to take on projects that require more creative thinking problem solving.

Introverts are great listeners. Building relationships is essential if you want to be a successful publicist. Introverts are able to get people talking and listen intently, which helps them create long-lasting relationships with others.

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