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Social Media Pet Peeves

One of the great aspects of social media is that there is no “right” way to use it! With that said, we have discovered some ways of using social media that are more annoying than others. We’ve created a list of social media pet peeves that may act as useful guidelines for the ways you use social media.

Following One Minute, Unfollowing the Next

We understand that sometimes someone’s posts are irrelevant to your interests and the best response is to simply ‘unfollow’ that person. However, we don’t agree with following someone in hopes they follow you back and then unfollowing him/her after you’ve gained their attention. Using social media in a deceptive way can be damaging to your brand.

Clogging the Feed

Your followers follow you because they like your posts, but this doesn’t mean you’re all they want to see on their feed. Clogging up your followers’ timeline is a great way to lose their attention. Limiting your posts per day is a safe way to avoid annoying your followers and maintaining follower loyalty.

Manners Matter

When someone compliments you in-person, do you just stare at them? No, you say “thank you.” The same applies to social media. When someone comments or posts something encouraging about your brand, show your appreciation and acknowledge their words. Being polite on social media is important for maintaining a positive brand reputation.

Not Giving Credit

One of the not-so-good aspects of social media is how there are few rules governing how to properly cite sources. If you repost someone’s picture or photo, be an ethical social media user and remember to tag or mention the creator of that content. Not doing so can damage your reputation and says a lot about your character!

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