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5 Tips to Overcome Writer's Block

We’ve all experienced writers block at one time or another, and it can often feel like there is no way to stop it from taking over. Instead of giving up on your task, look for solutions to crush this creativity blockage. Below we are sharing our HSC-approved tips on how to overcome writer’s block.

Go for a Walk. Sometimes when you can’t think of anything creative to write it can help to go for a quick walk. It gets your body moving and provides a change in environment which can help get new ideas flowing.

Listen to Music. Listening to music can help get you in the zone and keep you focused. Hearing a good song can help inspire a new idea or motivate you to finish writing.

Read, Read, Read! Read a book, read an article, or read an inspiring quote. Any type of reading can offer a quick break from the task at hand, while still keeping you in a creative zone and open to inspirational ideas.

Eliminate Distractions. What you think is writer’s block may actually just be a lack of focus due to too many distractions around you. Put your phone on silent, close out all other apps on your computer, and sit in a quiet room either alone or with other people who are working.

Listen to a Podcast. When you can’t overcome your writer’s block, try taking a quick break to listen to a motivating podcast. We've listed some of our favorites here.

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