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When You Need a Personal Day

In this day and age, employees often find themselves working around the clock. From checking emails as soon as they wake up to staying at the office till 9pm, there are plenty of overworked employees today.

Most companies even give employees personal days, but most go unused because workers believe they will be ridiculed, or they have too much work to get done.

To encourage you to take that personal day, here are five signs you probably are at your wit’s end.

You’re Burning Out. If you’re missing deadlines and turning in mediocre work, you’ve probably hit your limit and can’t take much more. Schedule a personal day to take some time to regroup.

You Feel Exhausted. If you always complain about being tired, take a day to relax. Try to sleep in and spend the day away from screens to rest your eyes.

You Think You’re Getting Sick. Don’t wait till you have the flu to call out of work. If you think you’re headed toward a cold, stay home and rest your body before it gets too bad.

Your Work and Home Life is Getting Mixed Together. If you’re bringing work problems home with you, it’s time to take a break and remember to create more of a balance between work and home.

Your Physical Health is Declining. With a full-time job, making time to eat right and exercise can be daunting. To get back on track, take a personal day to refocus and take care of your body.

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