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411: iPhone iOS 12 Update

Apple is always releasing new iPhone software updates. Recently iOS 12 was launched alongside the iPhone XR and iPhone XS – you’ve heard all about the hype around this latest release but what does this new software entail?

Camera features / Photos

iOS 12 provides you with new ways to utilize the camera app on your iPhone. Taking pictures or sending photos from your camera roll within the messages app got way easier – simply select the universal Apple photo icon to browse through your camera roll to send photos or select the camera icon to take a photo. With the iOS 12 software camera functions now launch faster, making it easier to snap your picture. You can also add additional flair to your photos when utilizing the camera app! You might have noticed a new star icon in the left-hand corner of the camera app, in addition to filters you can now add text, drawings, and stickers to your photos.

Notification Center

Notifications got a major revamp in this new software. A much more organized approach to notifications will be on display when you look at your lock screen. Notifications will now be grouped by app, with the option to view all notifications from that app or just the most recent – no more getting stressed when you see 100 emails or 200 Instagram likes on your lock screen! You can also now adjust your notification settings more easily with options to mute or manage notification options from your Notification Center.

Screen Time

Another much requested and anticipated addition to iOS 12 is Screen Time updates. You will now be informed of where you spend the most time on your phone Social Networking, Entertainment, Productivity, etc. Your phone now tracks what apps you are utilizing and how much time you are spending on them. You can set limits to categories, to notify yourself if you have spent too much time on a particular app or category, i.e. social media or entertainment. You can also see your average time spent on your phone per day as well as see your weekly summary.

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