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Best Tips We've Received from Editors

Here at HSC, we send out pitches daily, so we have been able to hone our skills through practice and feedback. We’ve had the chance to sit down with multiple editors and learn what works and what doesn’t when it comes to pitching. Below are tips from top editors on what makes an effective pitch!

Catchy Subject Line

A witty subject line is extremely important because it is what will catch an editor’s attention and provide the first impression of the information that you are sharing. Editors receive tons of emails every day so it is important to make your subject line stand out.

Quick and Concise Email

Editors do not have a lot of time to read through lengthy emails, so you want to make it brief and make sure you get to the point quickly. If your email is too long and you don’t share the value of your information early on, they may not read the whole thing and disregard the pitch all together.

Give Ample Lead Time

Make sure you send out your pitch far enough in advance so that you are able to follow up with an editor at a reasonable time. You don’t want to send out a time sensitive pitch too late and then follow up the next day. This will show poor planning skills on your end.

Know an Editor’s Beat

Do research before sending out your pitch! Even though a writer may work at a magazine that fits with your pitch idea, they may not cover the topic that your pitch is focused on. So, when putting together a pitch list, choose editors that cover your pitch topic in order to increase your chance of securing coverage.

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