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How to Add Flare to Your Photography

Showing personality in your photos is so important, whether you are representing yourself on social media or managing a client’s account. Photos should portray an artistic vision. At #TeamHSC we use VSCO’s HB filter on our Instagram posts in order to keep our feed visually consistent.

A great way to start adding flare to your photography would be utilizing filters already on your iPhone camera app. When your camera app is open, you will see a Venn diagram figure in the top right-hand corner, when you select the button several different filters will pop up towards the bottom of your screen, you can select your desired filter and then take your photo! Having built in filters to your iPhone makes it easy to capture content from your iPhone with an artistic flare. Also, when uploading photos from your camera or iPhone onto your Mac, you can access the Apple filters via the editing feature in the Photos app.

If you are working with photographs

taken on a professional camera or ​iPhone,

utilizing photo editing apps are a great way to edit to your pictures. Although we use VSCO, popular editing apps include Snapseed, Adobe Photoshop Fix, and Prisma. When using editing apps you can adjust filters, photo saturation, add textures, etc. – each photo editing app varies in specific editing features. VSCO is great for adding and adjusting filters, while Snapseed is great for cosmetic adjustments to photos. New editing apps are always popping up on the App store, so checking the photography category in the App store frequently is a great way to see what apps are new to the market or are the most popular.

Another way to add flare to your photography is by switching up the lens of your camera or iPhone. You might not be as familiar with iPhone lenses, but there are several different ones you can snap onto your phone that capture different angles and views that your iPhone wouldn’t be able to catch regularly. The brand, Moment, creates easy to use lenses that snap onto phone cases. Moment has an anamorphic, wide, tele-portrait, fish-eye, and macro lens – these special lenses help capture everything from landscapes and people better to unique bubble-like views.

Adding flare to your photography will make you stand out from the crowd and in turn make you a better photographer whether it be by using your professional camera or your iPhone. Your collection of photos will better represent your style and creativity when you add your own touch.

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