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Print vs. Online Coverage Blog Post

In today’s technological world, it’s often easy to forget that people once read actual newspapers instead of looking up articles online. However, this does not mean that print coverage is "dead” – it has just taken on a new role in the media landscape. When growing your business, it is important to utilize both print and online coverage to gain recognition. Below, we’ve gathered the main differences between print and online coverage and why both are important.


  1. Target Your Ideal Audience. When securing coverage, it is important to think about your audience and what form of media they will be consuming. While online readership is on the rise, it is still important to get print coverage because many people still receive information this way.

  2. Quality over Quantity. Print publications offer the chance for longer, more in depth stories, as readers are more likely to read the full article instead of just scanning. This can mean more insight and interest in your business and brand.

  3. Make Your Brand Memorable. Because readers are more likely to read a whole article in print, your story will likely have a longer lasting impact on the reader than if they read the article online.


  1. Expose Your Brand to a Wide Audience. Many readers choose to exclusively read online publications, and with online coverage, you have the ability to reach a wider audience. By reaching a larger group of people, your company will receive more exposure, which can help grow your brand.

  2. Drive Customers to Your Website. Readers will also be able to access your website more easily through online publications. Getting coverage online can drive more people to your website and increase your brand’s recognition!

  3. Engage Your Readers. Online coverage also allows readers to engage with the stories and with your company. Readers can like, comment, and share articles which can create more buzz around your business.

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