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Create & Cultivate Recap

Recap from Kelsey Vincent, Social Media Manager

A few weeks ago, I attended the Create & Cultivate Conference in Chicago with our CEO, Hannah Schneider. Going into the conference,I had no idea what to expect. I’ve been following @createcultivate for some time now and always saw BTS of their past conferences, but never knew what they actually entailed or what would come from attending one. From discussing negotiation tactics to how to get your business started, the conference covered everything.

I’ve put together some of my favorite quotes from the conference and what I took away.

“Know your value, your worth and what you bring to the table.” Chinae Alexander

Before you take on any project, start a new job, or business make sure you know what you have to bring to the table. Be sure your part is being recognized and if someone asks, “why do you deserve this?” you’ll have an answer.

“I’m not too expensive. You just can’t afford me yet.”Kate Von D

This took me by surprise and made me say, “Wait, what?” I loved hearing this from influencer and attorney Kate. This was a BAM moment where everyone applauded. In business, you are dealing with people going back and forth, fighting for their worth. This is a great quote to remember and live by.

“The only boundaries I have now are the ones I have set for myself.”Marianna Hewitt

I loved hearing this. Whether you’re starting a new job, cultivating a business plan, or questioning what you can/cannot do, this is the most important thing to remember. By no means should you set yourself up with a glass ceiling. As cliché as it may seem, skies the limit. If you feel you can achieve something, but someone tells you otherwise, just go for it. And if you fail, then so be it. Take it with pride that you tried.

“Know your value, know your worth and know what you can bring to the table.” Reesa Lake

Reesa said this on the topic of negotiation. This doesn’t apply to just a salary negotiation, this can apply to working with brands, and working with influencers or media. A lot of the time I am pitching influencers and media to come to our events or promote our clients. When discussing with them I need to make sure they know my end and what I can bring to the table to make sure they feel most comfortable and get the full benefits of the experience. If you’re an influencer, make sure to keep this in mind when negotiating your end of the contract. Don’t merely say, “pay me xyz for this post.” Give the person insight on why you charge xyz and what you hope to accomplish with the exchange.

“Nobody is going to ask you your boundaries.” – Kelsey Cohen from Bloomscape

You have to set boundaries yourself. Be comfortable telling your boss that you can’t work after a certain time. What works for you as an employee or employer may not work for your fellow colleagues. Articulate your boundaries or no one will know them.

“As CEO’s we are not mind readers.”Sherry Jhawar

Wait, really, they’re not?! Ha – but really. I think a lot of the time communication gets lost when it comes to an employee and CEO. Employees may get frustrated with something going on and expect the CEO to recognize that, but news flash they usually don’t. They are so busy with their work and relations that it is something easily missed. If you’re having an issue or problem with the company or someone, voice that. If you feel the company is doing something wrong, make it known and tell people why you think it should be done differently. Most of the time people will be eager to hear your thoughts.

“It’s a great time to be a woman in business.” Marianna Hewitt

Four words: Hell, yeah it is!

All in all, if you have a chance to go to any conference, Create & Cultivate or similar, I highly recommend it. In the world of business there is nothing you won’t stop learning and being surrounded by people that are all working towards the same goal is an amazing feeling.

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