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Biggest Mistakes You're Making with iPhone Photography

With iPhone photography being so prevalent among social media users, photos can make or break your audience awareness. We have rounded up some common mistakes iPhone users make when taking photos and how you can correct those mishaps in order to up your photography game!

Focal Point - Not having a focal point in your photo will confuse your audience. The focal point is the subject of the photo and is where you want your viewers eyes to be drawn. Ensure that the subject is in focus. You want to make sure other figures in the photo will not distract the viewer from the focal point. When using your iPhone you can tap on the subject of your photo, then your phone will be able to accurately focus in on your subject. Using portrait mode (iPhone generation 7 Plus or newer) is also a great way to highlight focal points by blurring the objects surroundings.

Composition - Not all photos are created equally. Be unique in how you capture your subject! Delve back into your high school art class days and pull out those vocabulary words like rule of thirds, point of view, symmetry, leading lines, etc. Those terms have come a long way and are key components in making sure a photo will stand out. Utilizing birds eye view, worms eye view, and/or arranging the subject using the rule of thirds will make your photo stand out from the rest.

Exposure - Lighting can be tricky, therefore if your photos are too bright or too dark you’ll want to increase or decrease your photo’s exposure. You can easily fix the exposure of your photo by editing in your iPhone library or by editing in the many photography apps available like VSCO. Adjusting the exposure of your photos will make details and colors in the picture more visible.

Editing - Don’t over edit your photos. With so many filters and tools at hand it can be easy to overdo it when it comes to editing your photos. When editing your photos you can establish your personal tone or brand. A good way to keep this process simple is by finding a preset you enjoy and sticking to it. If you keep your editing styles consistent in your photography your tone or brand will be easily displayed to your viewers.

Take your time - Be mindful that a masterpiece can take time. We’ve all been there, a car drives by, a person is standing in the way, the wind is blowing like crazy - things can get in the way of your shot! You might have to spend some time capturing a subject, getting multiple shots in different settings or positions, or waiting for mother nature to calm down. Make sure you are focused, calm and steady to avoid blurry photos. Play around and get familiar with different features on your iPhone and photography apps.

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