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Everything You Need to Know about Presets

You may have noticed that everyone’s feed on Instagram has suddenly become aesthetically pleasing. Instagrammers are seriously stepping up their game, not only with their photo quality but also with their editing skills. If you’re wondering how and why everyone is suddenly a photographer, we have the answer for you: presets.

The Instagram preset trend has taken off like wild fire. Presets are pre-designed filters adjusted to perfection to give your photo ideal lighting, color and texture. Think VSCO cam, but more exclusive.

Instagram influencers are capitalizing on the preset trend, creating their own and selling them as kits to their loyal followers. This is a brilliant solution to help their followers get a feed similar to theirs, while also profiting off of it.

We’ve included some of our favorite presets below, to help elevate your Instagram game!

Tezza App

The Tezza app is a great introduction into the world of presets. It is user-friendly and easy to ​navigate. The app is .99 cents per month, roughly $11.88 per year. The apps homepage is your camera roll. After selecting the photo you wish to edit, the app provides five in-house filters to choose from. Once you find the filter you like, you can adjust the brightness, contrast, etc. to your liking. Tezza also offers lightroom presets and Packs ranging from $60-$180.

Influencer Lightroom Presets

When you find an influencer who’s presets best suit you, you purchase presets from the creator and then download them to your computer. Once you've downloaded it to your computer you need to download the Lightroom app on your mobile device. The preset downloader will give you a step-by-step tutorial on how to get the presets from your computer to your app. Once they've been added to the Lightroom app you copy the filter and paste it onto the photo you're wanting to edit. You will most likely have to adjust the temperature, lighting, etc.

You can even buy presets on Etsy!

Our best advice when it comes to presets is to take your time and research before investing in particular pack. More and more of our favorite influencers are creating custom sets and the prices are getting competitive. When you find a theme that speaks to your Instagram soul, don’t be afraid to commit! Presets are a great tool to help elevate your feed.

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