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We are all about supporting some of our favorite regional and national #BossBabes. Lately the lifestyle, travel, relationship and mommy bloggers alike have been killing the game when it comes to keeping the rest of us updated on up and coming trends. Here are some of the blogs we’re reading right now:

Need help with all things branding? Bloggettes has a timeline of great advice. Whether you’ve own a startup business or working on your personal brand, Bloggettes has posts regarding photography tips & tricks, website hacks, and so much more.

This lifestyle blog is the perfect example of a ‘breath of fresh air’. Whether you’re struggling to find motivation on a day-to-day basis or need tips in design, travel or fashion, this is the blog for you. Joanna Goddards positive outlook on life and energetic nature makes her blog one that will always add that little bit of sparkle to a gloomy day.

This online platform provides a common ground for business women everywhere to come together and build the career of their dreams. Their blog covers everything from interview tips and tricks to self-care ideas to help maintain both a healthy work-life balance.

Hunter is a local to Nashville and her blog covers all things trendy in this happening city. Having originally created her blog for just family and friends, Hunters relatable, positive disposition and realness on her social media accounts made her one of the most followed bloggers in the Nashville area.

Calling all lady bosses out there! This empire was the spark of NastyGal founder Sophia Amouruso. From a startup company to creating a platform that inspires women and young professionals everywhere, this gal has got you covered. Girl Boss covers everything regarding money, careers, wellness, beauty and just LIFE in general.

Let’s face it: you’re 20’s are f’ing hard. With #TeamHSC being a predominantly young office all of us are on the same page when it comes to relationships, fashion, travel and career advice. This blog by Amanda Holstein speaks to the every-day modern gal. She’s relatable, charismatic, and makes you feel like you're not alone in whatever crazy adventure you’re


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