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How to Deal with an Interrupting Coworker

We’ve all been there. Whether you are having a discussion with a coworker and the person next to you interrupts you, or even if they are simply just rambling on and you need to get work done. As much as you would love to chat during the day, you need to make sure your work gets completed before leaving the office. How should you handle them effectively and respectfully? We’ve compiled a few suggested sayings on how to deal with this politely J

“I really want to hear the rest of this, but I need to do this right away. You understand, right?”- The conversation might be worth having, except you have to get a project done ASAP. This will allow to pick up the conversation later at a better time for you.

“Let’s table this discussion for now and get back to it.” - For everyone who has a rambler in the office, this is one way to politely shut them down and get back on track at work.

“Hold on one moment please. I am in a conversation.” - While you are chatting about work to the person next to you and a coworker is trying to talk from across the room, this is a respectful way to put them on hold so that you can finish the conversation first.

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