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Dos and Donts of Writing a Pitch

When it comes to writing a pitch Team HSC has specific guidelines we follow. We have a particular process that we go through that insures these publications will respond to us. We have put together a list of Do’s and Don'ts to help write the best pitch!

What To Do

Research Your Topic:

It is important to spend at least 10-15 minutes researching your topic and writing down headlines, words and phrases that grab your attention. Also, make a note of past articles that writers have covered to see what those publications are willing to cover. This really helps when you have a specific pitch target.

Pitch Target:

This is the most important part to think through when writing a pitch. Thinking through who is receiving the pitch will help guide how you write it. Since not all publications have the same style, it is important to make sure you tailor your pitch to the right publications to get the best response rate.

Witty Lead In:

This is going to be 1-2 sentences that start off your pitch. You need to have witty and relevant sentences to lure the editor in and introduce the context of the subject matter. It is usually easier to write the Lead In after you have the value of the pitch.

Catchy Subject Line:

Since editors receive thousands of emails a day, you must have a subject line that is going to grab their attention quickly and open your email. Think about what would catch your eye if it landed in your inbox.

What Not To Do

Don’t Wing it:

We love using pitch templates because it keeps us organized and makes sure we don’t forget any important details. If you aren’t into templates, find another way that works best for you, but do not just open your email and start typing away without a plan.

Don’t Ask Editors:

When you are in the conclusion of your pitch do not ask editors if they will be working on a certain story. You should assume that they aren’t and suggest coordinating a story with them.

Don’t Forget The Call To Action:

This is important when writing a pitch because the call to action tells the editors what exactly we want them to know and write about. So if we had a recipe pitch we would let them know we are sharing a chef’s recipe to whatever dish.

Don’t Be Repetitive:

When writing a pitch it is best to be as clear and concise as possible. Remember these editors are busy and don’t have a lot of time to read through every pitch. So making sure you aren’t repeating yourself and stating the value of the pitch is key.

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