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Importance of PR

Due to a heavy comparison between advertising and marketing, public relations is one of the most misunderstood communication tools. Have you ever wondered what exactlyis PR? Let’s break down what it is that publicists do, and why PR is so important to us at HSC.

For starters, Public Relations sets the communication tunnel between the company and the consumer. Public relations focuses heavily on influencing, engaging and building a relationships between the media, influencers, the company itself, and of course - the consumer.Whether you choose to pay attention or not, you see PR in almost everything you do.

Public Relations is key when looking to build a company. Whether it’s an event, the launch of a new product or rebranding your image, PR is one way to help spread the word. In addition, publicists are often in control of the way someone perceives a company/client. Not only do they help enhance your brand image, but they increase overall awareness. It’s all about finding an appropriate and effective way to control messaging channels.

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