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Dining Trends for Summer 2018

Just like in the fashion industry, the dining world ebbs and flows with the changing of the

seasons. This summer be on the lookout for these three dining trends.

Dining out Over Delivery

This summer more and more people are realizing the value of dining out over delivery. Sure,

delivery is more convenient, especially for those who find themselves always on the go but

nothing can replace the intimate feeling that accompanies sitting at a restaurant and enjoying a delicious meal with a friend, loved one, or even by yourself. And delivery affects the quality of the food, and it typically doesn't taste as good after sitting in a bag for 20 minutes. Instead of opting for delivery this summer, take the time to stop by your favorite restaurant and relax with some friends.

Do it for the ‘gram

If the saying goes, "pics or it didn’t happen", then restaurants had better make sure they’re giving people something to take pics of! As instagram continues to dominate the social sphere, more restaurants are creating unique spaces to get a feature on their customer’s social channels. It’s not just about the food anymore, but the experience. People want to go somewhere that they can take photos to share with followers and friends alike. Restaurants are using their interiors much like an advertisement and relying on their customers to take pictures and share them among a their social audience.

Chef Advocacy

Chef’s are realizing that their talents have the capacity to extend far beyond the kitchen. Rather than spending countless hours on the line, chefs are venturing outside their restaurants and into their communities. Sustainability and hunger are just a few of the many causes that chefs are diving into this summer. Make sure to ask the chef at your favorite restaurant how they’re getting involved this summer.

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